HAMILTON NEXT: Good ideas come from urban focus

Ryan McGreal writes in our regular series by Hamilton's community leaders about the future of the city.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted September 09, 2011 in Essays (Last Updated March 23, 2015)

Hamilton is a city, not a bedroom community - a real destination for commuters and an important engine of economic development. Seventy per cent of Hamiltonians work in Hamilton, not Toronto or Missis...

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Light rail delivers investment

LRT is about transforming neighbourhoods, not merely carrying passengers from A to B.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted November 24, 2010 in Essays (Last Updated November 24, 2010)

As the public debate over light rail transit (LRT) in Hamilton heats up, I've noticed a big conceptual difference between people who support the initiative and those who oppose it.

The common sen...

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Lost opportunities can tell us much

'Survivorship bias' means giving LRT say to those who are risk-adverse

By Ryan McGreal

Posted February 22, 2010 in Essays (Last Updated February 22, 2010)

Published on February 19, 2010 in the Hamilton Spectator

Recent quotes from business owners on the rapid transit choices facing Hamilton add up to a dispiriti...

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10 Tough Questions with Raise the Hammer's Ryan McGreal

Ryan answers 10 Tough Questions (+1) on Cal DiFalco's The Hamiltonian blog.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted November 10, 2009 in Essays (Last Updated November 10, 2009)

This piece was originally published on The Hamiltonian

Ryan McGreal has been a pioneer of sorts in promo...

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City councillors have wrong-way thinking on two-way streets

Why are downtown neighbourhoods uniquely expendable patches of the city fabric?

By Ryan McGreal

Posted July 19, 2008 in Essays (Last Updated July 19, 2008)

Published in the _Hamilton Spectator_ on July 19, 2008

In an appalling move, Hamilton council has choked on the downtown master plan, which the city has been developing since 2001 with careful st...

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Rapid transit study misses big picture

The Rapid Transit Feasibility Study is an important contribution to the public discussion, but we need to move beyond its limited criteria to appreciate the full benefits of a modern transit system.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted April 16, 2008 in Essays (Last Updated April 16, 2008)

Published in the _Hamilton Spectator_ on April 16, 2008

Last year, Hamilton's Transportation Master Plan recommended bus rapid transit (BRT) along three "higher order" transit routes: McMaster-Ea...

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Time for a change of consciousness

If we are to live up to Earth Hour, why more highways and air flights?

By Ryan McGreal

Posted April 02, 2008 in Essays (Last Updated April 02, 2008)

Published in the _Hamilton Spectator_ on April 2, 2008

David Suzuki once said, "Look in your garage. If there's an SUV in there, you can't tell me you give a damn about the environment."

I've ...

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Downtown is for living, not driving

The answer to core problems is density and diversity, not suburban values of separation and speed.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted March 30, 2007 in Essays (Last Updated March 30, 2007)

Published in the _Hamilton Spectator_ on March 30, 2007

Every politician since Lloyd D. Jackson has promised downtown "renewal", but their efforts have generally made things worse, not better. Th...

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No two ways about it

City streets should foster the connections and interactions between people that add up to city life.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted November 21, 2005 in Essays (Last Updated November 21, 2005)

Published in the _Hamilton Spectator_ on November 21, 2005

The perennial Hamilton debate is in full swing as city workers convert James Street South from one way to two way. Angry motorists are a...

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Plugging the Leaks

Hamilton can make significant improvements to transportation sustainability without massive capital outlays, simply by leveraging the infrastructure we already have.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted April 30, 2005 in Essays (Last Updated April 30, 2005)

This op-ed was published in the _Hamilton Spectator_ on April 30, 2005

When we bought our creaky Edwardian house, we knew it needed work. The place radiated heat in cold weather; breezes blew in ...

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Filling in the doughnut: a Plan to Revitalize Hamilton

We can’t treat Hamilton’s ailments without knowing what constitutes good health.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted January 10, 2004 in Essays (Last Updated January 10, 2004)

Published in January, 2004 in the _Hamilton Spectator_

Part 1 - The Healthy City

Last November, I wrote about Hamil...

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A Great Idea at the Time, Doughnut Politics Reasserts Itself

Citizens committed to the suburbs demanded a city that allows them to continue driving everywhere. That means more expressways, more lanes, and more sprawl.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted November 22, 2003 in Essays (Last Updated November 22, 2003)

Published on November 22, 2003, in The _Hamilton Spectator_

In this week's municipal election in Hamilton, Ontario, doughnut politics reasserted itself. No, I don't mean Hamilton's love of the fr...

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Imagine utopia without automobiles

Maybe we can move just a little bit towards communities that are designed for humans and not for machines.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted June 21, 2003 in Essays (Last Updated June 21, 2003)

Published on June 21, 2003, in _The Hamilton Spectator_

Our car's engine seized a month ago. Rather than spend thousands of dollars to replace it, my wife and I decided to go car-free for the sum...

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