PyHtmlEdit is a simple Python text editor optimized for the kinds of HTML formatting that I commonly do.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted September 09, 2009 in Projects (Last Updated November 25, 2009)

You can download pyhtmledit from its Github repository.

![PyHtmlEdit Screenshot](/static/images/screenshot_pyhtmledit.png "PyHtmlEdit Screenshot")

  • Current Version: 0.51 (released 2009-11-25)

Note: you need to run it with Python 2.5 or newer (but not Python 3) and you must have wxPython 2.8 installed. See this article for installing wxPython 2.8 on Debian based systems (including Ubuntu) that already have 2.6 installed.

For full functionality, you should also have either python-markdown or python-markdown2 installed.

The features include:

  • Convert between Markdown and HTML.
  • A tool for auto-correcting commonly misspelled words.
  • Basic search-and-replace.
  • Formatter that converts SQL punctuation to entity codes. (Warning: this is not a substitution for parameterized SQL queries.)
  • A clean function that removes MS Word special characters.
  • HTML element formatting, including converting a tab-delimited list to an html table.
  • Lowercase, Proper Case and Uppercase functions.
  • Character, word and line count.
  • A Check Version function that checks the GitHub repository to see if a newer version is available.

This software is released under the GNU General Public Licence, Version 2.