MPAA and Piracy

The MPAA is lashing out against piracy by punishing its legitimate customers, which will only push more of them to piracy.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted February 26, 2010 in Blog (Last Updated February 26, 2010)

When I was a kid, I had a Fat Albert book in which one of the Cosby Kids (for details of who did what I'm going on memory, but I think it was Bucky) gets upset about something and runs away.

The other kids all search the projects for him, but evening is coming on and it's getting harder to see.

At one point, Weird Harold is walking from streetlamp to streetlamp, peering into the pool of light under each pool. Rudy walks up and asks Harold what he's doing. Harold says he's looking for Bucky.

But why are you looking under the streetlamps? asks Rudy.

Harold answers, That's the only place I can see.

Which brings us to:

What pirates get vs. what paying customers get