Some Handy Running Calculations

Takes distance, time and steps and calculates speed, pace, cadence and stride length.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted November 08, 2019 in Projects (Last Updated November 08, 2019)

I've recently signed up with Strava after almost a decade using Runkeeper, and I've also recently resumed a regular weekly running program after a very sketchy few months of barely getting any runs in. I decided that with Around the Bay 2020 just five months away, it would be a good idea to start tracking my runs in terms of an ATB training program, naming each run in terms of which week of training it falls in, and which consecutive run it is during that week. So the first run of the first week would be 1-1, and the third run of the second week would be 2-3, and so on.

Strava gives you some pretty good information in its running analysis, but I'm also interested in increasing my cadence toward 180 steps per minute, since this seems to be the most fruitful opportunity to increase my cruising speed. Strava does not calculate steps (one point for Runkeeper), but my Fitbit does, and I can use that value in combination with distance and time to calculate cadence and stride length.

This is a bit tedious to do manually, so I have created a form where you input your steps, distance and time (in hours, minutes and seconds) and it calculates the rest for you.

Distance (km)
Dist (m)
Time (hours)
Time (mins)
Speed (km/h)
Pace (min/km)
Cadence (steps/min)
Stride Length (m)