Download Tweets

Download all the tweets for a given Twitter username.

By Ryan McGreal

Posted March 31, 2010 in Projects (Last Updated April 01, 2010)


3Exciting Update

1 Introduction

A simple python script to download all the tweets for a given Twitter username.

Download the script and documentation from its github repository.

2 Notes

  • The twitter API will only let you download the most recent 3,200 tweets. (Don't worry - all your tweets are still in their database. They eventually plan to make them all available.)

  • The Twitter API also limits the number of data requests to 150 per hour. At 20 tweets per page, that means you're actually limited to 3,000 tweets.

3 Exciting Update

My first fork! On a request from John Fink, Jay Parlar was nice enough to fork Download Tweets and add optional command line username and filemane arguments.

As soon as I get a chance, I'll merge his additions into my branch.